Client: Confidential

Location: Black Rock City, Nevada, U.S.A.

Dates: 27st August – 4th September 2016

Description: Created for a private client managing a large theme camp at Burning Man 2016, and acting as a beacon to draw visitors towards the camp, the Lantern is a small exquisite tessellated temple with an intimate gathering place at its heart reached by steps on all four sides. It is open to the sky, filtering the sun’s rays through intricately pierced cylindrical panels and throwing patterns of light onto those beneath. The patterns originate in traditional and ancient Chinese geometric fretwork designs but are manipulated with parametric tools to create an original and contemporary interpretation.

Hylemo Burning Man 2016 Josh Haywood The Lantern 01
Hylemo Burning Man 2016 Josh Haywood The Lantern 03