Founded in 2016 by Josh Haywood and Harry Bowen, Hylemo is an international architectural studio and creative agency that specialises in computational design. The name Hylemo is a derivation from ‘hylemorphism’, a philosophical theory developed by Aristotle, which conceives of being as a compound of matter and form. This accords with our goal of taking simple construction materials and transforming them into mesmerising structures.

Our services include architectural design, from concept through to site, pavilion design and product design, computational design consulting, and digital fabrication. In every project we undertake, at whatever scale, we consciously try to advance the debate through a considered project specific response, analysis of its social purpose, the use of innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, and our focus on the users’ experience of the space and the structure.

Additional services to complement our work in architectural installations and temporary structures for public events include pavilion rental, DJ booth + bar rental, projection mapping, and VR services.