Client: Future Media

Location: Lost Theory Festival + Al Majaz Island, Sharjah

Dates: 23rd August – 29 August 2016

Description: The largest demountable timber canopy ever constructed at a festival!

A progression of the work carried out during the creation of the Arbour, this huge dance floor canopy scales up the designs and takes on a new form to provide cover for up to 3000 people from the hot sun in a nature reserve in the Extremadura region of Spain. The Lost Temple was subsequently rebuilt in Sharjah, UAE where it was selected to be the flagship piece and gateway for the Islamic Arts Festival, December 2016 to February 2017. It was erected on the island of Al Majaz,  where it created a profound impact against a glittering backdrop of towers.

Lost Theory Hylemo Josh Haywood 2016
Lost Theory 3 Hylemo Josh Haywood 2016
Lost Theory 2016 Hylemo Josh Haywood
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